Mazyar Dehghan

Iran, ‍‍Tehran, Tehran

27 Years Old


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I am Single .

I can speak Amharic & I am learning Amharic .

My hometown is Tehran and Im living in Tehran now.

My Education: I've graduated in master of industrial engineering

My Occupation: History and various civilizations , Mountain Climbing , t...

About me

i love travel and camping in nature. i Mountaineering at every week. and sense Meaning of life at there..

What can I teach or share?

i can define from my life travel and discuss about the mind freedom.

Countries I’ve Lived In

Entire Place: 6,540,000 IRR
Private Room: 1,450,000 IRR
Shared Room: 450,000 IRR
Entire, Private, Shared
Capacity: 8 Persons
0 Review
480,000 IRR
Pottery Shiraz, Fars

Pottery is the ceramic material which makes up pottery...

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Trip Notifies

Destination: Shiraz

1 Travellers
14 Oct 2018 to 28 Oct 2018
Look For Accommodation / Meetup
Speaks: Amharic

Hello everyone, I will travel to Shiraz at 15th of October, anyone could host me or hangout with me...
Ready to Pay: Up to 300,000 IRR

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