Visiting The North Of Iran

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28 دی 1399, 1:28 بعد از ظهر - 28 دی 1399, 1:28 بعد از ظهر

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We are offering a tour trip with a bus to one of the most virgin and unseen places in north of Iran Talesh. We will start our trip from Shiraz we accept 35 persons in this trip,we cover all meals, and many other enjoyable things to do.if you’re interested just message me in Whatsapp to send you all details of this trip. To join to our WhatsApp group for further updates and information about upcoming events just click here :

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تاریخ شروع زمان شروع تاریخ پایان زمان پایان ظرفیت باقی‌مانده
شنبه, 3 آذر, 1397 3:30 بعد از ظهر شنبه, 3 آذر, 1397 5:30 بعد از ظهر 7 نفر باقی‌مانده

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