Sunset Gathering :)

نمونه, نمونه

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1 مهر 1402, 12:46 قبل از ظهر - 1 مهر 1402, 12:46 قبل از ظهر

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hey everyone! As we say in Persian sometimes it looks better when you're away from it! , so we gonna walk for 15 min to a point with a good location for chilling and enjoying watching the sunset above shiraz! There's no limitions for joining but it's recommended to have a little bit of water and snack and maybe even a book if you like for your self :) Please if you wanted to join notify me for the meet up location! Good luck and thanks for your attention

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یکشنبه, 13 آبان, 1397 3:30 بعد از ظهر یکشنبه, 13 آبان, 1397 5:30 بعد از ظهر 9 نفر باقی‌مانده

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